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Classes are sessions of group and individual instruction on each skill topic, plus a few short mini-scenarios to gain perspective on how the each skill could be applied in real life. All classes are open to teens and adults alike; ages 13 and up welcome. Come join us!


We are currently putting together a new calendar of events and new adventures! Check back soon for updates!

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Mission Events are fun and immersive, multiple day, live-action scenarios that are all linked together in one giant adventure story. Participants will be involved in the story day and night, solving challenges and practicing their skills. Mission events are separated into teen events and adult events. Teen events are for ages 13-20. Adult events are for ages 21 and up. Come join us!


We are currently putting together a new calendar of events and new adventures! Check back soon for updates!

Missions events coming up soon:


Learn on the Edge of Adventure!

Edgestrider Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that teaches teens and adults life skills through intense and immersive live-action scenarios.

We create experiences where you can learn to protect yourself and handle crises while training like you are in your own live-action movie! We run short classes and training scenarios all year, with capstone immersive and fun overnight scenarios in the summer. This combination of classes and scenarios gives you opportunities for self-discovery, pushing your limits, building skills and confidence, making new friends, and having the time of your life! Sign up for our newsletter below for more information, or see our calendar of events to sign up!


Registration policy:

We have classes and Mission events.

All of our programs are free to attend, but registration is required so we know how many students to expect. Registration deadline for classes is the start time of the class, but please register for a Mission event at least 2 weeks in advance so we know how many people will be attending the event and can make the appropriate logistical changes needed to run the event.

Classes and Mission events will meet at a designated spot but may move around to different locations during the class time in order to get practice with different environments; however, classes and Missions will always end at the same spot in which they started.

There is no minimum number of participants to run a class, but there is a minimum number of 4 participants needed to run a Mission event. This does not include Team Leaders or volunteers, who also need to register.

If you wish to help keep Edgestrider Academy operating and free to the public, please consider donating here. If you would like to help us with a fundraiser, please email us at info@edgestrider.academy.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Thank you for your support!

Edgestrider Academy has helped my children develop their strategic planning, self defense, and social skills in a fun, creative and physical environment, resulting in self confidence and valuable friendships.

Norma Sorenson

Parent of Participants

EDGESTRIDER ACADEMY was an experience like no other. It was an adrenaline packed weekend of fun, learning, screaming, and laughing. I loved it and will be returning for all the upcoming missions, and would enthusiastically recommend this camp to anyone who is interested in testing themselves in a highly immersive and realistic environment.

Carly Sorenson


The biggest thing that I think this program has given me is confidence. The confidence in myself to do the things I have never wanted to do otherwise, and to take risks. It isn’t a program that can really be found anywhere else, and I’ve come to love it very much.

Jordan Mockel


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