Edgestrider Academy provides supportive, fun, and safe experiences to help your teen become more responsible, independent, and confident, while having a great time outside making friends and fostering a desire to give back to the world.

Edgestrider Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses live-action gaming concepts that immerse participants in a realistic scenario where their choices and actions will help them make friends and change the course of the story as it unfolds. They will join a team of peers and our trained staff to live out an exciting story full of intrigue and adventure. They will have to think, talk, or even physically confront challenges in order to get through the story and achieve the goals, using a wide variety of skills that they will develop along the way. It is an experience like no other.


Some of the benefits our participants reported experiencing:

  • Becoming more independent and self-sufficient
  • Becoming more responsible and confident
  • Having experiences in real life (with real people) leading to better management of screen time on devices
  • Learning more about themselves and growing on a personal level
  • Learning to problem-solve, becoming more open-minded, and thinking outside the box
  • Becoming part of a community and making friends, meeting people outside of their available circle of peers
  • Spending more time in nature, appreciating the outdoors, and fostering care for the environment
  • Increasing enjoyment of movement and exercise, as well as improved motor skills through physical activity
  • Learning healthier habits of self-care and interpersonal relationships
  • Gaining greater understanding of the world, your place in it, and how to give back to it
  • Learning leadership and teamwork skills
  • Learning how to handle an emergency
  • Finding an enjoyable activity to engage in outside of provided traditional extracurricular activities

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