Mission FAQs

What is a Mission Event?

Mission Events are story-based game scenarios designed to be intense and immersive situations that allow participants to test themselves, and use the skills they have learned and see how they really work in the moment. These scenarios use story arcs that all fit together from one event to another, which helps keep participants involved and having fun.

What happens on a typical Weekend Mission?

Participants meet their Team Leader at the designated drop off point with all their gear. After everyone arrives, the team leader and the participants go through the rules of the game, and then go to their campsite or lodge. Story events can happen at anytime after the group has finished going through the rules. Once at the campsite or lodge, the group typically sets up their beds and drops off all their gear and has lunch. As a group, they then have to decide how they want to run their team and what their first course of action should be towards the story goals of the mission. As the event progresses, there can be times of relative relaxation or intense action, and the group often doesn’t get to sleep before midnight because challenges may happen late into the night. All meals and sleeping are done “In-Game”, which means that story events can still happen during meals and sleeping. If the group plans well, they will get between 6-9 hours of sleep. In the morning, the group packs up and has breakfast, all still “In-Game”, and then wraps up anything they still have to do for their story goals. Finally, the group grabs their gear from the campsite or lodge and treks back out to the drop off point to get picked up at the end of the event.

Where are missions held?

The location of each mission can vary, so this information is given in the Mission Details email that is sent out to the entire mailing list before each event.

Do I need to have any experience to attend?

No. You can have any range of experience from novice to expert, and any skills could be useful too, from organization to survival to martial arts to communication. You belong on a mission whether you have been backpacking your entire life or you have never set up a tent in your life. All skill levels are welcome, and you never know what skills will be useful (just like real life ;P).

How physically demanding are the events?

Participants’ experiences vary widely based on their choices during the event; however, physical activity is pretty common. For example, the group may need to find something for the game goal, which could entail hiking up a steep slope, walking for hours, or even running or defending themselves. At times, participants may be tired while doing these challenges. The events are designed to help you push your limits and learn to be prepared, but there are safeguards in place. Participants must help their Team Leader keep track of how they are doing, so if you need a break, just let the Team Leader know and then take it.

Who leads the events?

Participants will be in a group led by a Team Leader. Team Leaders are at least 18 years old, have participated in the program themselves in the past many times, and have current first aid certifications. Their job is to help participants get the most out of their experience, including teaching skills they know and to watch for Out-Of-Game physical and emotional safety concerns.

What is provided for me on a Mission Event and what do I need to bring?

The list of required gear and supplies for each event are emailed out to participants at least a week prior to each event. Typically, we provide water and TP, plus lodging in the winter. Participants usually bring their own food, camping gear, sleeping bags, clothes, and any other gear they are comfortable with on camping trips. Please review the packing list in the Event Details email prior to your chosen event before attending.

How do I contact a participant in the event of an emergency?

It is possible that the location of the event could change each event, so all emergency contact information is given in the Event Details email for each event.

How will I know if I am registered?

Please email us to register, and you will get a reply to your email confirming your registration prior to the event.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you are registered and need to cancel your registration, simply email us and let us know you cannot attend.

Can I get picked up or dropped off at different times than the scheduled drop off and pick up times?

It is possible to be dropped off and picked up at an unscheduled time, but must be arranged before the event so the Team Leader can made sure the group is in the correct location at the arranged time. Please email us to arrange special drop off or pick up times as needed.

If you have a question that is not covered here, please email us.

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