Training FAQs

What is a Training Session?

A Training Session is usually a day event that is heavily focused on learning skills, but occasionally may have a tiny bit of story involved to continue the plot between Mission Events. The topics of Training Sessions include critical thinking, awareness, self defense, teamwork, and more.

What happens on a Training Session?

Participants are dropped off at a selected location and the group walks to a nearby public space. Once at the public space, the Team Leader begins reviewing and teaching topics. The Team Leader encourages participants to help with the review of previously taught topics in order to increase knowledge retention. Most topics covered are physical or social skills that are then immediately practiced; however, during a short lunch break, participants often discuss and show respect for each others’ perspectives on philosophical topics. After the Training Session is over, the group walks back to the drop off point to get picked up.

Where and when are Training Sessions held?

For the privacy of all participants, please email us for the drop-off and pick-up address and times for a Training Session.

Do I get real world certifications for skills I learn at Edgestrider Academy?

Currently, no, but we are working on arranging it so participants can be certified in various topics from partner companies in the future. If you know of a company that may be interested in partnering with us for this purpose, please let us know.

If you have a question that is not covered here, please email us.

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